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Hey luvs we just wanted to stop by and let you in on all the new and updated features that are happening on the new website. We want to always ensure that your journey is amazing, easy, informative and efficient.

  • Search Engine;

- Easy search engine optimization process. Find what you want with two simple clicks.

(Toolbar) click Boutique ---- (Scroll through your choice of garment) click & DONE!

- You can also use search bar at top of site and type in keywords.

  • Security

We will continuously keep your information safe and secure

- SSL verified

  • VIP Perks

- Exclusive access to all limited editions before they officially hit the site.

- VIP only access to specialty items

- VIP only trunk sales

  • Interactive Features

- Look book

See how to style, switch up collection pieces for various looks, campaign shoots and our latest ads as well as the BTS's footage.

- "WHISPERS" Information page

Stay informed of all the lasted fashion events, sales, new arrivals, influencer opportunities, pop-up sip & shops, live Q & A sessions and so much more.

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