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LaWanda didn't let anything get in her way of achieving her goals, dreams, and aspirations. Diagnosed with a rare medical condition and having several close calls to losing her life, she strived through it all with determination to live life to the fullest while enhancing the lives of others by doing what she loved. After evaluating her new normal and deciding to make the best out of what life had given her, she decided to go full-on with building her empire.

Growing up in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, she learned early on that there was more to life, she knew she only needed the right opportunity and the chance to live outside of her norm. She knew venturing out was the only way to see, experience, and grow as a person and a professional.


As a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a professional ice skater, wearing the beautiful costumes, flying through the air like she was on a cloud not having a care in the world. Unfortunately unknown to her God had other plans for her. At the age of six, LaWanda went into the hospital to have routine surgery and in the blink of an eye, her world would be forever be changed. After surgery LaWanda was told that there were several complications during the surgery and that she would never walk again. Devastated as anyone would be she had to begin to go on a whole new journey she knew nothing about and face the fact that her childhood dreams were no longer an option...





In 2017 LaWanda decided to take what started out as just a creative outlet and turn it into a successful #worldwide #couture #luxury #fashion #brand. A brand that stands for #confidence, #strength, #class, and #empowerment. A brand of #value and #quality. inspiring others.  Creating unique pieces for the unique person.